Gypsum retarder

Gypsum retarder

Product Description

Curasta®Gypsum retarder is a high-performance and environmentally friendly protein-based retarder. Curasta® Gypsum retarder can help adjust the setting time to meet the specific product and job needs and allow for proper application and finishing.


Product Specifications 

Appearanc:white powder
Water Content (powder) (%):≤3.0
Ph-value(20°C)(20% solution):6.0~9.0
Dosage Recommendation in relation to weight of binder:0.05~1.5%


  • Gypsum plaster, gypsum binder, gypsum putty.
  • Gypsum based self-leveling floor, gypsum filler.
  • Gypsum precast, gypsum decorating coating
  • Gypsum formboard

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