Protizerr®  Polycarboxylate based superplasticizer is a kind of high performance water-reducing agent for concrete and mortar. Protizerr®  Superplasticizer offers high water reduction rate, and it can significantly improve the fluidity of the product with excellent workability and mechanical strength. As a leading manufacturer of concrete admixtures,We also provide Sulfonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde(SNF)and Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde  (SMF) water reducing agent.

Product Description

Protizerr®Superplasticizer also known as polycarboxylate superplasticizer,high range water reducer, and water reducing agent. Protizerr® Superplasticizer is a powder form superplasticizer made by spray-drying of modified polycarboxylate superplasticizer, is a kind of environmental friendly high performance product.
Protizerr® Superplasticizer has good dispersion ability, fast plasticization speed, excellent plasticizing effect, and good strengthening performance and offers high water reduction rate.

Product Specifications 

Appearanc:white powder
Water Content (powder) (%):≤3.0
Ph-value(20°C)(20% solution):6.0~9.0
Total Alkali Content(%):≤0.05
Concrete water reduction ratio(%):≥35.0
Concrete Air Content(% ):≤2.0
Dosage Recommendation(%)in relation to weight of binder:Cementious:0.15~0.25% \


  • High strength concrete
  • High performance concrete
  • High flowability concrete
  • Premixed concrete
  • Pump concrete
  • Self-leveling mortar
  • Water-proofing materials
  • Cement/gypsum-based cementitious materials


  • High water reduction rate
  • Provide excellent plasticity
  • Impart high liquifying effect
  • Improved shrinkage and creep behaviour
  • Improved strength and density

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