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4 Questions and the Answer About Construction Grade HPMC

Michem Cellulose ether, HPMC product applied in a wide range of applications from building and construction, personal care and home cleaner, paints & coatings. This article mainly answers the question of Construction Grade HPMC, let’s take a look.

Q. What are the dissolution methods of HPMC?

A: 1) Hot water dissolving method: Since HPMC does not dissolve in hot water, HPMC can be uniformly dispersed in hot water at the initial stage, and then quickly dissolve when cooled.
2) Powder mixing method: HPMC powder is mixed with a large amount of other powders. Mix the material ingredients with a mixer, and then add water to dissolve. At this time, HPMC can be dissolved without clumping together, because there is only a little HPMC powder in every tiny corner, and it will dissolve immediately when it encounters water. (Normally wall putty powder and mortar manufacturers use this method.)

Q. How to judge the quality of HPMC simply and intuitively?

A: 1) Whiteness: Although whiteness cannot determine whether HPMC is easy to use and if a brightener is added in the production process, it will affect its quality. However, most of the quality products have good whiteness.
2) Fineness: The fineness of HPMC is generally 80 mesh and 100 mesh, and 120 mesh is less. The finer the fineness, the better.

3) Transmittance: Put HPMC in water to form a transparent colloid and look at its transmittance. The higher the transmittance, the better, which indicates that there is less insoluble matter in HPMC.

4) Specific density: the larger the density, the better. The reason for the large density is generally because the content of hydroxypropyl in it is high, and hydroxypropyl content is higher, the water retention is better.

Michem HPMC are with good whiteness and fineness, we have strict quality control for production and make sure to meet your requirements for various viscosity, which ensures workability & permanent installation for various construction needs.

Q. What are the main technical indicators of HPMC?

A: Hydroxypropyl content and viscosity, most users care about these two indicators. The higher the hydroxypropyl content, the better the water retention effect. The viscosity is high, the water retention is relatively high.

Q. HPMC is non-ionic cellulose ether, so what is non-ionic?

A: Generally speaking, non-ions are substances that do not ionize in water. Ionization refers to the process by which an electrolyte is dissociated into free-moving charged ions in a specific solvent (eg, water, alcohol). For example, sodium chloride (NaCl), the salt we eat every day, dissolves in water and ionizes to produce freely moving sodium ions (Na+) that are positively charged and chloride ions (Cl) that are negatively charged. That is, when HPMC is placed in water, it does not dissociate into charged ions but exists in the form of molecules.

Shandong Michem Chemical Co.Ltd is a professional manufacturer of construction grade HPMC, mainly used for cement mortar, tile adhesive, wall putty, skim coat and grouts, etc. We offer high-quality HPMC with standard and modified grades. Free samples are available for customer tests. Welcome to inquiry!

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