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How to improve the performance of concrete?

In modern concrete engineering, the application of concrete is developing in the direction of high strength and high fluidity. In order to increase, the strength and slump performance of concrete, the shrinking result, the shrinking result of this reason, shrink to is. stress, and risk of cracks and crack propagation during and after curing.

There are two types of cracks in concrete structures. One is called load cracks, which are caused by the direct stress of external load and structural secondary stress; the other is called deformation cracks (non-load cracks), The structure is caused by deformation changes due to factors such as temperature, expansion, contraction, creep, and uneven settlement. Most of the cracks in concrete structures are caused by deformation, and the probability is about 80%.

A large number of experiments and engineering practices have proved that one of the effective means to solve the cracks caused by plastic shrinkage and drying shrinkage of concrete is to develop polypropylene fiber-reinforced concrete (PFRC).

As one of the most advanced fiber manufacturers in China, with extensive experience in this industry and strong R&D capabilities, Michem provides solutions for improving concrete performance.

Polypropylene fiber has the advantages of convenient adsorption, synthetic reinforcement, corrosion resistance etc. When it is mixed into concrete as a reinforcing material, it can improve the tensile strength and impermeability of concrete, reduce the cracks, prevent the expansion of concrete during the hardening process, and enhance the fracture toughness of concrete.


Advantages of Michem fibers

Michem fibers have been successfully applied in thousands of projects in China and exported to North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. After years of development, Michem fiber products have been fully affirmed and recognized by the engineering industry.

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